Stone Work


Landscaping your garden or backyard with stone can offer both sculptural and functional qualities. Most of the stone work projects look particularly well in combination with some other elements like water, plants, shrubs and other garden features. In Canada, many homeowners have started using stone for different types of landscaping projects in their homes.

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Stone Work – Durable, Strong and Versatile

There’s no doubt that stone is one of the most versatile building materials for landscaping projects. Since it is strong and durable, it is considered to be an excellent choice for patios, garden paths and walls.

In addition to this, stone work also has a decorative side which offers a unique sense of style. This makes stone a good choice for water features, rock gardens, and allows you to create serene surroundings and natural sculptures. Landscaping projects with stone can fit into three different categories :

Natural Flagstone (Pool Decking, Walkways and Patios) – Most contractors describe flagstone as a thin, flat slab of natural stone. It is quarried from many different stone deposits from all around the world. Square or rectangular cut flagstone always has straight edges. It has consistent dimensions which can be used to create an elegant and formal pattern.

On the other hand, random cut flagstone is irregularly shaped. It can be laid in a random pattern. Flagstone can either be wet laid onto a standard concrete pad or dry laid onto a granular base.

Precast Stone – Cultured stone and Precast Flagstone are man-made products. These concrete slabs look similar to natural stone. Most contractors use this stone to surface walkways, patios, pool decking and pool coping. Cultured stone is mostly used to face vertical surface such as walls and pillars.

Similarly, Precast pavers or interlocking bricks are also made-made products. These concrete products are available in many different textures and sizes. While some pavers are tumbled, others are smooth. Interlocking bricks can have a weathered and rustic look. Precast flagstone is affordable and cost effective.

Armour Stone Boulders – Most contractors use this stone work to create magnificent waterfalls in your backyard or right beside the edge of your swimming pool. Armour stone boulders can also be used to retain an existing grade or slope. They are also used as decorative accents in the garden area.

Stone is one of the best materials for your landscaping project. The three most popular types of landscaping projects with stone include stone walkways, stone patios and stone stairs. Stone is not only functional, but also adds the illusion of tremendous depth to your landscape. This is because of the different layers. Stone work also makes the area appear larger.

Stone stairs and walkways look elegant, while making your property look more modern. A stone walkway can even control movement throughout your landscape or garden. It may lead attention to a fire pit, entertainment retreat or water feature. Stone is a beautiful and durable material for every landscaping project.