Driveways & Patios


The advantages of interlocking stone pavers

Interlocking stone pavers are individual stones engineered with a high density factor.  This enables the pavement to withstand heavy weights, as well as being resistant to salt and scaling.  The natural joints between each paver will “give” with pressure, expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations, eliminating the cracking as you would experience with asphalt and concrete pavement.  Stone pavers also provide a non-skid, non-slip surface ideal for pedestrian, automotive and pool applications.  That is why interlocking stone pavers are the perfect choice for our Canadian climate.


Interlocking stone pavers give the customer a versatile range of colours, shapes, and textures offering greater design flexibility.  Interlocking pavers are inspired by nature and bring the look and charm of natural stone to any setting.


Interlocking stone pavers require little to no maintenance. Easy replacement of stained pavers and (if necessary), they can be easily removed and reinstalled for leveling repairs.

Ploymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is granular material brushed into the joints between interlock stone pavers, and then a light mist of water is sprayed over the entire paved area.  The water activates the polymers that bind the grains of sand together creating a solid yet flexible joint.  Its primary function is to improve the interlock and therefore the durability and stability of a paved surface.